Baby Squawk Talk

Baby Squawk Talk (Photo credit: tarabrown)

Out here in the ‘burbs, the mail isn’t delivered to our house, but is placed in apartment-style mailboxes at the end of each block.  Some days, kid #3 goes down the street and picks up the mail, other days I do.  Fortunately, I picked it up Friday.  The postal gods left me the usual assortment of bills and charity solicitations, plus three magazines:  Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and Baby Talk.  I’m 50 and perimenopausal.  I’m certainly not pregnant.  None of my kids are pregnant (I asked.  Forcefully.)  Oh, wait, the Baby Talk magazine is addressed to my ES.

Checking the subscriber services section of the Baby Talk magazine website, I found that ES has a subscription to Baby Talk magazine, using this home address (which he left four months ago) and his personal email address.  I really have no idea what to make of this.  Is it a marketing screw-up?  A tacky joke?  A screwed-up, tacky reality?

Words fail me.  Pass the wine.