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Meditation buddy

Meditation buddy (Photo credit: arielmeow)

A few months back, I watched a very short video of Deepak Chopra giving instructions for a simple meditation.  He said:

Sit comfortably.

Close your eyes.


On the inhale, think, “Just.”

On the exhale, think, “This.”

After a few minutes of breathing and repeating the mantra, “Just this,” ask yourself, “What do I want?”  Pay attention to what comes into your mind.


I modified this as a way to calm down when I feel upset or overwhelmed, and used it daily during the last few weeks of living with my ES.  I’d just sit (often in my parked car or in the bathroom), close my eyes, breathe, and repeat, “Just this.”  It centered me in the moment, allowed me to slow my racing heart and thoughts, and calm the hell down.

I often do this short meditation when I’m swamped by the past or fretting over the future.  I emerge feeling more peaceful and serene.  My fear doesn’t vanish, but it recedes and is soothed.

How do you soothe your anxieties?  Is it helpful or do you need to develop some more tools?