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Leave it to Beaver

Leave it to Beaver (Photo credit: Diana Beideman)

Forgive me for I have not been the picture perfect, glossy magazine mommy.  I have sinned:

I let my kids drink soda.  And it used to be full-on sugary soda until kid #2 got 13 cavities in a single six-month period.  Turns out she was guzzling Coca-Cola and not brushing her teeth, so the sugar just sat there.  Now there’s only artificially-sweetened, caffeine-free soda in the house, aka liquid chemicals.

I let my kids eat fast food.  Years ago, we fell into the drive-through trap of getting so busy and hungry that a trip to the closest fast food place was necessary.  Between my ES (estranged spouse) and I, we were taking the kids to the drive through four times a week.  Expensive and unhealthy.  I instituted Take-Out Tuesday.  Every Tuesday, we get take-out.  The restaurant choice rotates through the three kids.  Expectations are managed and the kids never ask for fast food unless it’s Tuesday.  But they still eat it every week.

I never put top sheets on my kids’ beds.  There’s a mattress pad, a bottom sheet, and a quilt or comforter (and pillows, of course).  Obviously, the quilt or comforter has to be washed fairly often, but the ease of kid bed-making outweighs the additional laundry for me.  I had hoped to encourage the kids, from an early age, to make their beds every morning, but have seen only limited success.

How about you?  Got any bad mom/dad confessions?  Share ’em in the comments!