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Both the marriage counselor and my individual therapist asked me, “How’s your social life?  Do you go out with friends?”  And I had to face up to the fact that I had let all my friends slip away.  I used to belong to a book club, a homeschool moms group, and have exercise buddies.  That all changed over the past five years.  Partly because the women involved changed, some moved away, some schedules changed, normal life events intervened.  Partly, too, because I realized that I wanted to hide how screwed up my marriage was; I didn’t want to risk my friends really knowing the mess we’d made and seeing me differently.


Realizing that I no longer had girlfriends was a big motivation to sign up for kickboxing class.  And as much as I enjoy the class, it’s only a first step.  I’m ready to find more opportunities to meet people (friends, not dates).  I checked out Meetup.com.


Documentally Cat Book

Documentally Cat Book (Photo credit: Documentally)

Holy cats, there’s a meetup group for just about everything.  I’d like to find a book club fairly close by that meets monthly.  I found one that looked perfect:  great books, not too big, not too small, right in my neighborhood.  Then I read the description more closely.  It was for African-American women only (as should’ve been clear from the name Sistah to Sistah, but I kinda thought that was a feminist thing).  So finding a meetup group may take a bit more effort than I thought.


There are a lot of meetup groups involving booze.  While I like wine as

This image shows a red wine glass.

This image shows a red wine glass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

much as (and maybe even more than) the next person, if I have to drive to a meetup, I don’t want to be drinking.  So those need to be filtered out.


Besides church, which I don’t attend, where do you meet people?  How do you find people with whom you have some things in common, but enough differences to be interesting?  I’d love to take some low-key (and inexpensive) classes — any suggestions?