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SLOW kids at play

SLOW kids at play (Photo credit: Leo Reynolds)

Streets are for cars.  Just because Costco sold you a plastic “kids at play” sign and you placed it in the street in front of your house doesn’t mean the street has magically transformed into a safe play area for your little kids.


My big kid is learning to drive on these streets.  He’s hopped up on testosterone and adrenaline.  All that stands between your little kid on the skateboard and my big kid in the car is that crappy “kids at play” sign.  Do you feel lucky?


I know your little kids want to ride their scooters, bikes, and skateboards down the driveway (whee!) and into the street.  But even the most cautious, alert driver is taken by surprise when an eight-year old comes flying out of nowhere into the street, two feet off the ground, crouching or sitting on a skateboard.  I’m not even gonna try to describe the state of sheer terror a teenage driver experiences in this circumstance.  Your little kid probably won’t get hit, but several of your neighbors’ cars might.  Just sayin’.


My big kid is already dodging coyotes, rabbits, cats, escaped dogs, and crows big enough to carry a toddler away on the street.  He’s aware he needs to keep an eye out for a ball rolling into his path because where there’s a ball, a kid is sure to follow.  Please, please have mercy on his middle-aged driving instructor mom and don’t encourageyour little kids to play in the street.  My bladder just can’t take the stress.