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LOL Just divorced. And no, that's not my car.

LOL Just divorced. And no, that’s not my car. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know how when you buy a certain red shirt (or purple backpack or green sneakers) you suddenly start seeing that shirt (or backpack or sneakers) everywhere?  I’ve experienced the same thing with marital separation and divorce.  It seems like several of my friends and acquaintances are experiencing problems or breakdowns in their marriages.  I keep saying, “I’ll email you a link to a great website/blog.”  Why not just post them here?


When it became clear that my marriage was ending, I searched online for all the information I could find.  Some of it was practical advice and some was other people’s experiences and feelings.  Both helped me understand the process and feel less isolated.  So I read a lot of divorce articles and blogs.  I like reading about how other women are handling the money, kid, house and myriad issues of marital disintegration.  While I haven’t yet stumbled upon a woman in exactly my situation (50 year old, homeschooling, stay at home mom with an estranged spouse who appears to have entered the Witness Protection Program for all the contact he has with the family), I have gotten a lot of information, insight, and laughs from these places:


First Wives World  (tons of resources in this community)


Perils of Divorced Pauline  (epic custody battle among other things)


This Cuckoo’s Nest  (a different type of custody)


Postcards From A Peaceful Divorce


Pollyanna’s Divorce  (blogging from the very start of her divorce while still living in the same house as ex; he’s out now)


Daily Plate of Crazy  (farther along her path, with lots of insight for those of us just getting started on divorce)


The Bitter Divorcee


Just Me With  (just her with 5 kids!)


Lessons From The End of A Marriage  (no matter how screwed up you think your ex is, this woman’s got you beat — her story involves felony bigamy and remarkable healing.)


The Divorce Diaries  (safe venting)


Post Divorce Chronicles


Irretrievably Broken 


One Mom’s Battle  (divorcing a narcissist, with lots of insight on dealing with a mentally unstable ex)


William Quincy Belle


OMG Chronicles  (journalistic style, a divorce reporter’s notebook)


When The Flames Go Up  (divorced parents blogging together.  Really.)


This certainly isn’t a comprehensive list of all the wonderful resources available in cyberspace.  Please add the ones I missed in the comments.