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Charming Your Chores: Scrub That Floor!

Charming Your Chores: Scrub That Floor! (Photo credit: queercatkitten)

When kid #1 was born, I was still working full-time.  I took a three-month maternity leave, then found (expensive) daycare for my newborn and carried on.  It was incredibly hard to get everything done, a lot like having two full-time jobs.  I was a hot mess and looked for any way I could to make things easier.  Thus began a two-decade love affair with routines and organization.  I kept tweaking and planning and forcing myself into different routines.

Ultimately, I lost my job and had two more kids.  I perfected my routines to keep up with the kids, the house, the activities, the marriage, and the various pets.  Somewhere along the way, my whole life became a series of routines.  My daily life became one big chore.

There were also more subtle areas of my life that I treated as chores, like exercise.  I was doing the same workout pretty much every day and what was once enjoyable had become boring.  Finally, I tried some new DVD workouts and found that I like weights and cardio, but I really don’t like yoga.  So I don’t do yoga.  Who cares if somebody else loves it?  I don’t.  It’s a chore for me.

When I started meditating, I tried some of the ways that other people suggest:  sit on a pillow on the floor, light incense, chant.  Meditating became something to check off my to-do list.  That misses the point for me, so I tried other ways of meditating.  I found my sweet spot and now I like getting up and meditating every morning.

There’s more than one way to do just about everything.  Some things are always going to feel like chores to me (laundry, cleaning the bathroom), but when your whole life feels like a chore, it’s time to reassess.  It’s time to shake things up and explore your options.

enjoy life, this is not a dress rehersal

enjoy life, this is not a dress rehersal (Photo credit: jontintinjordan)