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2007-2010 Toyota Sienna photographed in Washin...

2007-2010 Toyota Sienna photographed in Washington, D.C., USA. Category:Toyota Sienna (Second Generation) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been thinking about selling my minivan and getting a used fuel efficient sedan with the proceeds.  My Toyota Sienna gets truly horrible gas mileage, and I really don’t need that big a vehicle anymore.  Kid #1 is thisclose to getting his driver’s license, which means he can drive himself pretty much everywhere.  So I only need to chauffer around two kids.  Which I can do in a sedan.

But I have this fear, perhaps irrational, that I might need to live in the minivan if things go pear-shaped.  If I lose the house and can’t find a job, we won’t be out on the street because Toyota will save us!  The more realistic fear is that we’ll need to evacuate during a wildfire.  Can you imagine me, three kids, two cats (in their carriers), and whatever stuff we could grab all crammed into a sedan roaring through flames to escape?

I can’t quite let go of the fear, or the minivan.  I can’t quite trust myself or the Powers That Be enough to make the rational decision without factoring in the fear.

Toyota Camry By Rastar

Toyota Camry By Rastar (Photo credit: thienzieyung)

Maybe getting the minivan spiffed up and appraised will help me move on and let go.  The gas savings alone would be worth it.  Maybe.