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English: for sale sign

English: for sale sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you had the experience of committing to make a change, and then gone to the store to buy all the things you think you need in order to fulfill that commitment?  You decide to start exercising, so you go out and buy new shoes, clothes, equipment?

And how often have you followed through on the action to make change after buying all the stuff?

You can’t buy change.  You can’t purchase action.  You can sign up and pay for fitness classes, but that doesn’t get your butt into the class, doing the work.

The buying is a distraction from the doing.  Once I’ve started on a course of action, I may find myself in a place where I need more resources to continue.  At that point, I may choose to buy something that helps me attain my goal.  But not as the first step.  I have to take that first step myself, by choosing to actually do something that starts me toward my goal.  And whipping out my wallet almost never gets me closer to where I want to be.

English: This is a photograph of a Not For Sal...

English: This is a photograph of a Not For Sale sign used by the UK home refurbishment brand Onis. The sign is used as a marketing tool to create communication between neighbours regarding the advantages of staying put and refurbishing their home instead of moving. The idea was used by IKEA in their 2007 Home is the most important place in the world and received national press coverage due to the similarity between IKEA’s and Onis’ campaigns. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)