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A Shell gas station near Lost Hills, Californi...

A Shell gas station near Lost Hills, California, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I need to replace my minivan.  It’s in great shape, has low miles, and…I just don’t need it anymore.  Most of my driving is short trip, city driving and the minivan gets 16MPG at the very best.  In case you haven’t heard, gas is about $4.75/gallon here in southern California.




I’ve been stalking cars online for months.  Once we became a family of four, it was obvious that a minivan was overkill.  So I checked the Kelley Blue Book value of my minivan (another ouch) and watched the inventory at Carmax and various other local dealers.


My head hurts.  I’m wondering if a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.  Or better the devil you know.  Or fill-in-the-blank with your favorite cliche.  Do I bite the bullet and buy the best sedan I can afford (just barely) or do I keep the paid-for minivan I’ve got?  I’m questioning myself and my decision making skills.  I may very well be overthinking this.  Certainly I’ve tipped into whiny territory.


And then I remember:  16MPG at $4.75 per gallon.  (But paid for…)


I’m open to ideas and suggestions.  I’m planning to go to at least one dealership this weekend and see if we can make a deal.  I know the numbers I need to see; I just really don’t enjoy spending time with car salespeople.  It takes so long even when it doesn’t need to; I end up feeling like a hostage.  The secret is sticking to my guns.  I can do it.