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Photo of New Market train wreck

Photo of New Market train wreck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lately I’ve felt like a passenger in a runaway train.  Not in control.  Not sure where I’m going.  Completely overtaken by events.

Those events have been a slap upside my head and make it clear that I cannot control the words or actions of other people.  Sometimes events are far worse than I could imagine.  Other times I receive more kindness than I ever expected.  Either way, I’m not in charge of anyone but me.

That means I do my very best now.  I try to focus on my priorities and behave according to my values even when pulled by the undertow of emotions, both mine and other people’s.

In the end, it’s absolutely true that all you have is today.  To paraphrase (television’s) Dr. House, “Everyone makes stupid mistakes, they don’t deserve to lose everything that’s important to them because of it.”  That goes for you, me, our kids, our families, and even random strangers.

Make amends, learn the lessons, and move forward one step, one breath at a time.