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We have new in-room coffeemakers!

(Photo credit: hojoanaheim)

According to Amazon, I bought the Keurig Special Edition brewer on November 2, 2006.  This was a self-defense purchase.  From the time we first moved in together until November 2, 2006, my estranged husband and I went through at least one coffeemaker a year.  He rarely remembered to turn the coffeemaker off and burned a lot of carafes.  But mostly, the coffeemaker would start leaking all over the counter, although one sparked and sort of blew up.  That was a memorable start to a day without coffee.

I got tired of replacing coffeemakers and/or carafes so often and with little warning, so I purchased the Keurig when Amazon offered a screaming good deal.  I liked the reusable k-cups, but in an effort to appease my lazy, crazy husband, I bought the overpriced, wasteful, single-use k-cups.  The Keurig was a peacekeeper, well worth the $100 purchase price.

About two years ago, a little rubber gasket fell out of the k-cup holster.  I found an easy fix online.  Then a couple of months ago, a small piece of plastic fell out of the holster area.  I couldn’t figure out where it had broken off from, but it didn’t affect the function of the machine so I tossed it out and kept on brewing.

Sunday morning, a large piece of plastic broke off from the holster area and the brewer wouldn’t close anymore.  There’s no using the machine now.  My first thought was to look for sales on a replacement Keurig.  But my estranged husband was the big coffee drinker, not me.  It dawned on me that I don’t need a Keurig.  And I no longer have to pacify a cranky spouse with an immediate, expensive replacement.  I’ve got a French press and I know how to use it.

A French press coffeemaker

A French press coffeemaker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was liberating to realize I didn’t need to rearrange my day to race around looking for the best deal on an exact replacement before someone else decided he wanted a cup of coffee.

I savored that cup of French press coffee.  And the Sunday newspaper.