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harp (Photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker)

Kid #3’s latest interest is the harp.  She, not exactly a girly girl, wants to take harp lessons in addition to piano lessons.  I offered guitar lessons, ‘cuz it’s got strings and is kinda like a starter harp, but she was petulantly adamant.  I broke the news that I don’t have the first clue where to rent a harp, not to mention where to find a harp teacher, but perhaps she could do some online research and get back to me.

Then the origami teacher mentioned that she went to a harp concert a year ago and apparently there’s a harpist shortage.  Yeah, to the point that this group, whose name she couldn’t recall but they were at the Lutheran church on the westside last spring (like this information would help me), was offering free harps and lessons.  If I could track down the harp-donating Lutherans, I would.  Let me know if you see a sign of them.


fencing (Photo credit: mikescia)

Yesterday, #3 said offhandedly, “I hope the public high school I go to has a fencing team.”

I smiled and nodded while thinking, “Jeez, where does she think she’s going to high school, 17th century France?”

Harps and fencing in 21st century Southern California, oh my.