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Or updates that don’t warrant their own posts but come with photos:

*The cats aren’t embracing their new healthy lifestyle.  Well, Clementine is fine, but Anna keeps gaining weight.  I half expect her to simply explode.  She’s sneaky, she wolfs down her food and then, when my back is turned, she dives face first into Clementine’s bowl.  Also, she steals kid #3’s goldfish crackers.  Is there an Overeaters Anonymous for felines?  Here’s Anna:


*I never did figure out how to post a photo in the comments, so here’s The Handbag:


*Kid #1 drives all over creation, safely and within the speed limit.  He’s completely transportation-independent.  Take heart, moms, it can be done.

*I have no regrets about trading in the minivan for a fuel efficient sedan.  Of course, I haven’t had to load up the cats for a trip to the vet or groomer yet, but my gas expense has been reduced by 60%.

*The lettuce, tomato and carrot seeds we planted are already starting to grow.  See?


*My friend, Lovely L, ended up confronting the Other Woman and lived to regret it.  Boy, does she regret it.  I never did and I still don’t regret it.

*I went thrift shopping again and found this great dress.


It’s a floaty chiffon number that I think will be perfect for my nephew’s beach wedding this summer.  And it  was less than $7, so score!  I also bought a Coach turnkey wallet with checkbook for 90% off retail and a brand new, sealed board game that retails for $27 ($3 at the thrift shop).  I’m a complete convert to secondhand shopping.

*I was pissed off by the juxtaposition of two stories on Good Morning America recently.  Here’s Ben Affleck’s Huffington Post piece in which he deftly turns the 1% argument around.  Well done and humble.

*Kid #2 is stable and recovering.  I’m profoundly grateful.

*I’ve never heard from CPS again.  I hope to continue to never hear from CPS in the future.

*I’ve tried all sorts of new things this year and picked up old things that I used to enjoy.  I still go to kickboxing class once a week (kid schedules prevent twice a week attendance); I started going to two weekly yoga classes; I attended a divorce recovery group; I’ve met loads of new people and made some friends; I’m even seriously considering a return to vegetarianism.  I’m letting myself just be me without any concern for what anyone else thinks about my choices.

I feel more like myself now than at any time in the past five years.  I’d gotten so used to being miserable that I almost didn’t notice it anymore.  That’s a lousy place to live.  But passing through has made me more grateful for where I am and where I can go.  It’s a journey worth taking.