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pouty face (Photo credit: astrangegirl)

I was so excited a couple of years ago to discover Google Reader.  I followed a blog that even published a tutorial on how to use it.  Up ’til then I would subscribe to blogs via email (which led to a bloated email inbox that was daunting to open) or I’d bookmark the blogs I liked and then click back over periodically to check for new posts.  Inevitably, I’d forget a blog I liked and lose track.

But Google Reader let me subscribe to dozens of blogs in just a couple of clicks.  The interface was simple and I could choose which posts I felt like reading at any given time.  I got hooked.  And now those Googlejerks are retiring the Reader.  I know, I know, they announced it months ago, but I chose to ignore the impending change.  Now July 1st looms and I haven’t found a new reader for my blog feeds.

I have some blogs that I follow in the WordPress Reader, but I hate it.  Every post just gets added by date/time of publishing (instead of logged in to a table of contents as on Google).  D’ya know how many posts I’ve missed because they got buried in that mess?  I’m reluctant to import all my Google Reader blogs to WordPress when I can’t keep the WordPress Reader straight as it is.

Kid #2 showed me Comma-something which she claims is a mirror for Google Reader.  But it’s not.  It pulled over all sorts of previously read posts along with the unread ones.  I looked at Feedly, and realized that I was still clinging to the hope that Google would stop this madness.  I don’t want to change readers.  I don’t want to learn a new system and routine.  I like the old way.

I think Google really means it.  They’re going to retire the Reader and I have to find a way to accept it and move on.  Maybe I’ll even find something I like better, something that’s an even more intuitive fit.  Is there a Match.com for aggregators?