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Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding Cake Toppers (Photo credit: Selbe B)


My nephew is getting married at the end of July which led me to think about weddings, especially the planning and the angst of planning.  Then I thought about wedding gifts and remembered setting up a gift registry with my then-fiance, later husband, and ultimately ex.  We got married in practically the Stone Age (1988) and registered by taking a clipboard with a list around a now-defunct department store, checking off any item that struck our fancy.  Very few of those items survived the course of the marriage.


Which made me realize that a solid 75% of things we registered for are things I would never spend much on now.  Now I would buy everyday dishes at a thrift store (and I do) because, sweetie, those suckers are going to chip or get dropped and broken.  Just get some plain white dishes and replace with $1 thrifted plates as needed.  Ditto glasses and flatware.  Or buy the giant Costco packs. 


We registered for and received beautiful china, which I still have.  It’s in pristine condition because I only haul it out for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I drew the line at registering for the matching crystal because it was something like $50 a stem.  I’ve never once missed having wineglasses that match the china I only use twice a year.


The most used wedding gifts we received were a really great wooden salad bowl (still have) and the best pots and pans you can find.  We got Revereware and it’s still in almost perfect condition.  Linens are necessary, but most wear out in five years or less.  I can’t even guess how many sets of sheets and towels I’ve replaced over the years, but it’s a lot. 


What wedding gifts did you receive that you still use today?  What was a complete waste of money?  What do you wish you had gotten?  I’m actually looking for ideas, although I’m leaning toward cash, because what newlywed couple doesn’t need money?