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Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil (Photo credit: mberasategi)

I’m having a blogging drought.  Kid #3 had her 13th birthday last month.  Kid #2 graduated from high school last month, the heavens opened wide and angels sang, because it was touch and go for awhile.  Kid #2 turns 18 this weekend and starts classes at the local community college next month.  A lot of details to look after.

And then there’s Cruella de MIL, my mother in law.  A few weeks ago, I began getting hang-ups on the landline answering machine (I rock it old school with both a landline and an answering machine!).  Then one day I answered and Cruella said, “Hi Tina!”  No, sorry, you’ve got the wrong number.  “I’m trying to reach Voldemort.”  You’ve really got the wrong number.  Apparently, after 23 years of marriage, she still doesn’t recognize my voice and I chose not to enlighten her.

But she kept calling.  I finally had a conversation with her, a stilted conversation full of long, uncomfortable silences.  She’s got a litany of health problems and is currently in a convalescent hospital.  I tried to be polite, but it’s tacky and hurtful to call me by Voldemort’s girlfriend’s name.  Repeatedly.  Sheesh.  I thought I’d gotten her squared away.

She’s still calling.  Today she called three times.  She thinks she’s hung up on the answering machine, but she hasn’t.  It just keeps recording.  They must be giving her some high quality pharmaceuticals in that hospital.

So I’m processing some pretty negative emotions and trying not to dump them into cyberspace.  How do you work through the sh** you can’t avoid or control, i.e., someone else’s stupidity and thoughtlessness?  Tips appreciated!