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meditation (Photo credit: HaPe_Gera)

I meant to post about this a week ago, but the fit hit the shan and I didn’t.  The Chopra Center offers a 21-Day (free!) Meditation Challenge at least once a year.  The current meditation challenge began on August 5, and you’ll have access to the previous daily meditations for five days.  So sign up now and you’ll be still able to access all the meditations.  Go here, click on the “Meditation Challenge” button with the picture of Deepak Chopra and Oprah, follow the prompts to sign up.

The theme for this challenge is Miraculous Relationships.  I know, I almost opted out just because of the title.  Bah-humbug.  But the emphasis is on your relationship with yourself and with the Universe.  I’ve added in my relationship with my children (but that’s my personal goal).

Every day, a link is emailed for the current day’s meditation.  These are guided meditations, with a centering thought and a mantra.  (Day 1 explains a bit about mantras.)  There’s an intro by Oprah and an explanation by Deepak then the meditation time begins.  Each meditation lasts about 15 minutes.

I’m finding these meditations helpful right now, because I don’t have to do much beyond clicking the link, signing in and following along.  I don’t have the brain cells for much more at this point.  And I do feel more peaceful and centered once I’ve sat for 15 minutes.  Maybe you will, too.