Vulture (Photo credit: Mamboman1)

I tend not to answer my landline.  I screen my calls through the answering machine because Cruella de MIL had been calling.  Lately, though, ya know who’s calling?


Realtors are cold calling me.  It took me awhile to figure out, but these vultures go through court filings (read: divorce court filings) and call asking, “Are you selling your house?”  Or, “I have clients interested in buying in your area.  Are you interested in selling your house?”  I got two cold calls from realtors before I got served with the divorce papers.


So far, I’m coldly civil, but I see that coming to a quick end.  These vultures are looking to profit by picking over the bones of my dead marriage.  I don’t think I owe them a helluva lot of courtesy.

And when the house is listed for sale, it won’t be listed with a vulture.  Because vultures are scavengers, only caring about themselves.