wrapping a gift in just the right thing

wrapping a gift in just the right thing (Photo credit: cafemama)

In a recent guided meditation, Deepak Chopra said, “Find the gift no matter how badly wrapped.”  That statement struck me as profound and on point to my current circumstances, which one might accurately call a shitstorm.

I’ve been so caught up in all the legal paperwork and practical logistics of divorce that I haven’t really taken the time to look for the gifts in the situation.  And some of these gifts are really badly wrapped.

I’ll be done with Voldemort.  Truly done on a practical level.  Never again will I have to make sure his diet soda supply is adequate, thus forestalling a tantrum.  I’ll won’t be exposed to his endless barrage of disregard and thoughtlessness.  No more taking care of every practical detail of his daily life (except for the damn taxes, an ongoing saga that stops when the final decree is issued.  I hope.).  Done.

Then there’s all the passive-aggressive behavior.  Coming and going without a word.  His words never matching his actions.  The lies.  Big lies, little lies, stupid and unnecessary lies.  And the gaslighting.

I’ve reconnected to my extended family.  My kids are free to be exactly who they are without fear.  I’ve become more me again, and as sad as divorce is, it holds as many freedoms as fears.  I can continue to explore and discover without his judgments battering my spirit.

Badly wrapped, for sure.  But gifts all the same.