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English: Limbo fire dancing.

English: Limbo fire dancing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The custody mediation is over and the report is in.  Shared legal custody and sole physical custody to me.  No visitation.  Therapy to be scheduled.  No surprises, exactly what we agreed to in the session.

But the court date had to be continued due to a scheduling conflict for my attorney and now we’re going to court in mid-October.  Which means no court order for support of any kind until mid-October.

And my lawyer has run through most of the retainer I gave her just a few weeks ago, so I had to send another check.  She’s lodging paperwork regarding kid #2 instead of filing it so the papers are (more or less) confidential.  Not secret from Voldemort, but private from anyone who goes looking through the divorce papers.  Like adult kids.  At least some stuff can be kept under wraps, sheesh.  But it’s expensive.

The family home has to be sold.  So I need to find a new place to live, which my parents are generously helping with handling entirely.  The real estate market has, once again, gone nuts in my neck of the woods, so I’ve got no idea how long it will take to find a new place.

It’s just aggravating.  Gotta find a place to live, gotta find a job, gotta put #3 into public school, gotta keep an eye on #2’s mental health.  And gotta keep a tight rein on the cats.

You’d think I’d be pretty limber from doing all this time in limbo!