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A precious Pink Brandywine Tomato in a year of...

A precious Pink Brandywine Tomato (Photo credit: hardworkinghippy)

The last of my tomatoes are ripening on the vine.  I didn’t get a bumper crop, but I had a fresh tomato almost daily for the past two months.  That made me very happy.

Interestingly, the Chadwick Cherry tomato plant produced a lot more tomatoes than the two Pink Brandywine variety plants.  Many more than just the smaller size would seem to account for.  While the Pink Brandywines were delicious, they weren’t as good as the Chadwicks.

My heartfelt thanks to the commenters, especially Sofia Leo, who came to my rescue when the plants started to die awhile back.  I followed the advice of my internet pals and the plants came back from the brink.  My tummy and tastebuds appreciate your help!

I’ll absolutely grow more tomatoes next year and look forward to putting the lessons I learned into practice.  There’s nothing quite as satisfying as eating food you grew yourself — fresh off the vine.

But for now:  Farewell, tomatoes.  I enjoyed every bite.