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Wedding Dress For Happy Couple in Love

Wedding Dress For Happy Couple in Love (Photo credit: epSos.de)

After my wedding, and I mean within eight hours of the ceremony, I had changed out of The Dress (and petticoats — hey, it was the eighties) and left it in my mother’s care.  She took it to a specialty dry cleaner who cleaned and preserved The Dress.

And I’ve been schlepping around that freeze-dried Dress for 25 years (yes, 25 years as of today).

Well, that needed to change.

My kids have entirely different views of marriage than I did at their age.  And completely different clothing taste.  What I see as a timeless, classic wedding dress, they see as an anachronism.  Much like their mother.  And not one of the girls is shaped remotely like me.  Finally, with the upcoming, ongoing divorce, The Dress feels a bit cursed.  Certainly it’s surrounded by a cloud of mixed emotions now.

So The Dress needed a new home.

I searched online for charities accepting wedding dress donations and there are several, but they wanted dresses less than five years old.  Srsly?  One place, though, welcomed all wedding dress donations.  Guess where my dress is traveling to?  Yep, this place.

It was time to let The Dress go.  It was surprisingly difficult.  But I have no conceivable use for The Dress and someone else may find happiness in it.  I truly hope so.  So I donated The Dress.  And I survived.  Happy Anniversary.