website is down

website is down (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

For more than two weeks, my newsfeeds have been filled with pronouncements about the “nightmare” and “failure” of the Obamacare website.  Depending on who’s telling the tale, there’s either a gleeful neener-neener tone or a lot of hand wringing.

I have no patience for either.

Obamacare became law almost four years ago.  And the provision requiring everyone to buy insurance (the individual mandate) coupled with the rollout of the insurance exchanges was delayed until…right about now.  They’ve had almost four years to get this squared away.

But people can’t get the website to work.

Are they kidding?

I started exploring California’s insurance exchange website a few months ago, wanting to see what was in store for me health insurance-wise after the final divorce decree.  It was perfectly simple to use and I could futz around to see what I was eligible for and how much it would cost.  Since the exchanges weren’t open yet, I couldn’t actually compare different levels of insurance, but I could get some answers to my basic questions.

Now nobody can get much of anything.

Why in the name of all that is holy and practical doesn’t the White House ask Amazon to program or fix the Obamacare website?  Those Amazon programmers are masters of exactly this.  They whip together new product pages every day of the year.  They regularly sell stuff to grandparents and teenagers, sleep-deprived new parents and drunken college students.  Anyone can shop amazon.com with ease.

We could’ve avoided all this bull sh**.  Now somebody needs to send Jeff Bezos an email and ask for assistance.  Just don’t call the helpline.