laptop (Photo credit: utnapistim)

I finally broke down and bought a laptop.  This was motivated by the upcoming move and necessary rearrangement of absolutely bloody everything.  I realized that the desktop I share with #3 will have to be placed in her room.  And that’s not the place I want to meditate/write blog posts/check email at 6:30am.  Her bitching about it would ruin my morning routine.

Kid #2’s computer will probably live in the other bedroom, which we may or may not share, who knows?  So I needed a computer of my own (for the literary-minded, this is my update on Virginia Wolff).  I researched (blah blah blah) and thought I’d get one from Costco because not only are their prices low, that monthly coupon book is the bomb.

Except I don’t like touchscreens and I really don’t like Windows 8.  Amazon came to the rescue again.  I found a basic, no touchscreen, Windows 7 model with Word already installed that was under my budget.  Sold!

The laptop arrived Friday (before the fracture clinic appointment, oy vey).  I’ve piddled around with the settings, started my NaNoWriMo project, copied a bunch of blog post drafts (that mostly suck, but I can’t bring myself to purge them just yet), and set up my own Pandora account.

Since I was sharing a computer with #3, I often got stuck in the loop of her preferences on Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube, because I’d forget to change users.  I’m loving my separate stations.  When I sat down to write this, I typed “Elvis Costello” into the Pandora search bar.  Pow!  A steady stream of forgotten songs from my misspent 80’s youth.

I can now have my own, easy to access YouTube account without having to remember to switch users; stream all those 10pm shows I generally fall asleep in the middle of; and never worry about the gaming bloat that makes a computer take forevah to start.

I could get used to this.