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Money (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

We’re in the “discovery” phase of our divorce, which just means I show him mine and he (theoretically) shows me his.  Our court dates keep getting continued, for scheduling conflicts and general Voldemort idiocy (“I didn’t realize/remember/know I was supposed to fill out those papers”).  Each time his lawyer and mine speak, Mr. Men’s Rights Attorney reiterates that Voldemort wants to settle.

Okay, let’s settle.  My paperwork is crystal clear about what I want.  The law is crystal clear that I’m entitled to what I’m asking for.  Voldemort’s paperwork said one thing, then he personally told the custody mediator something completely different.  What’s it gonna be, dude?

And if we’re going to settle, we both still have to make the discovery disclosures.  That’s the way it is.  California isn’t going to change its laws to suit Voldemort.

Today’s meeting was to finalize my responses to the “Interrogatories.”  This paperwork is incredibly intrusive and I truly hope it never gets put in a publicly accessible file somewhere.  I got the interrogatories on October 1st and had until November 1st to respond, except that the lawyers all agreed to push it back to November 15th because one of my lawyers’ other cases blew up their faces.  (That’s not comforting to hear, is it?)

I typed up my draft answers and emailed them to my lawyer by October 20th.  It was intrusive, but not especially difficult, unless you’re cooking meth and laundering drug money, I guess.  But I’m not, so it was no big deal.

The meeting was relatively short and painless, unless you’re keeping tracking of the dollars…I mean, minutes ticking by, in which case it was a $250 ding to the retainer.  My attorney is trying to set up a settlement meeting in two weeks, which is the same week I was planning to move.  But I’d just as soon get the settlement talks started, so I’ll be an adult and suck it up.

I asked again about Voldemort’s disclosures and found out they’re due today.  We’ll see if the papers make it to my lawyers this week.  We can’t have a settlement meeting without full disclosure on both sides, so this could get interesting.  I really want to see Voldemort’s answers to the interrogatories.  Maybe I’ll finally learn if he fathered another child as that subscription to Baby Talk magazine would suggest.

Stay tuned for further episodes of this ongoing soap opera.  At least your tickets to the show are free!