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Village Idiot Pub

Village Idiot Pub (Photo credit: Knile)

Hand over my heart, if it weren’t for Google, I’d be bumbling through life like the village idiot.  Whenever I want more information on absolutely anything, I ask Google.  I was really surprised, though, when I typed in “downsizing with teenagers” and got pretty much nothing useful.

There were lots of links on corporate downsizing, empty nesters downsizing, and even people with babies downsizing.  Not much on the logistics of downsizing with teens.

So we’re winging it, Google advice-free.

Since kid #2 has a broken arm, her purging and packing is going about how you’d expect, i.e., not at all.  Maybe she’ll snap to it when she realizes, with complete horror, that I’ll have to touch her stuff to get it packed.  Yep, that might get her one arm moving!

Kid #3 has made progress in spurts.  She’s weeded through some of her mountain of plushie toys, but refuses to part with any Pokemon or Neopets plush.  Okay, whatever:  you pack, you unpack, and you store that stuff in your room.

Leave me out of it and we’ll be fine.

Where she’s hit a wall is all the stuff on her bookshelves.  Right now she has two towering Ikea bookcases in her room filled with books, yes, and snow globes, cool rocks, spent glowsticks, dried leaves, bouncy balls, and gum wrappers.  I’m not sure that her new, smaller room will fit a full-sized bed, a computer + desk, and two bookcases.  I think she’ll have to let go of one.  She doesn’t believe me.  No doubt hilarity will ensue on moving day.

Another downside of downsizing is the litterbox situation.  I hacked a litterbox hiding place by making a table out of an old desk top and some screw-on legs — putting a mat and two boxes under the table and covering it with an old fabric shower curtain.  Bonus:  the table fits perfectly under a window where the cats sit imagining their freedom and keeping watch over the rosebushes.  But the table’s too big for the new townhouse and I despise having litterboxes out in the open.  So far my best hiding place is an upstairs alcove that will hold only one box.

Not sure how that’s gonna work out.  And there’s no reasoning with cats.

Actually, I’m not having much luck reasoning with teenagers, either.

Any tips, ideas, blog or website suggestions for the practical side of downsizing with teenagers?  I’m actually hoping to get them to participate, but maybe that’s asking too much, huh?