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Wine (Photo credit: jhenryrose) — Pour me another, my lawyer just called


For those keeping score at home, Voldemort has blown through two legal paperwork deadlines since serving me with divorce papers.  Basically, all he’s done is file the petition for dissolution and show up at the custody mediation.  Everything else has been ignored.


When I saw my lawyer last week, she said his interrogatories were due that very day, Tuesday.  Since then, not a peep.


Here’s my guess:  Voldemort and Mr. Men’s Rights Attorney will say, “When we agreed to extend her deadline on the interrogatories, it extended his deadline, too.”  Or “We thought/assumed his deadline was extended.”  Or “We thought we told you he needed more time, too.”  Or any other excuse/deflection you can imagine.  Passive-aggressive almost X hired passive-aggressive attorney.


Despite my bitching about it, I don’t actually care if he serves the completed papers last Tuesday or this Friday.  I care that the papers are completed.  If they’re not turned over by Friday, there’s no way to have a settlement meeting next week.  I refuse to go into it blind, no matter what my attorneys might say.  My attorneys are pushing for a settlement meeting before Thanksgiving because our next court date is December 5th.  Supposedly, nobody really wants to go to court.  And my lawyers are going on vacation December 18 through January 5.  Because let’s face it, nobody wants to deal with this over the holidays, including me.


But I’ll be damned if I’m going into settlement talks without having the same level of disclosure from him that I provided to him.  That’s my line in the shifting sand.


(I wrote all of the above over the weekend…then this week started.)



Yesterday afternoon, a week since our appointment, my lawyer called.  Mr. Men’s Rights Attorney claims they never got the request for interrogatories from my lawyer.


Um, isn’t there a form proving service of the paperwork?


Yes, said my lawyer.  Then Mr. Men’s Rights Attorney said some other lawyer in the firm just quit without giving notice.


Okay, so you got the paperwork, you just didn’t do it because of office drama?


What’s the story?


Better yet, what’s the bottom line?


He needs a one week extension, which just so happens to coincide with the tentative date of our settlement meeting.


At that point I exploded on my attorney.  “Then we’re not having a settlement meeting that day.  It’s unacceptable to me to have provided every iota of disclosure and then be expected to go to a settlement meeting with zero information.  No.”


So we talked, blah blah blah.  I don’t care that we might have to go to court on December 5th.  I’ve done absolutely everything that’s been asked of me and he has not.  Maybe a court date written in stone will spur Voldemort and his lawyer into action.


I’m not holding my breath.  But I’m not afraid to go in front of a judge, either.



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