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Mountain (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

*Caution:  Menopause discussion ahead.

The weather is just beginning to change here in San Diego, with the evenings becoming cooler.  The days are still warm, but evenings are crisp and autumnal.  I go to a Hatha yoga class two evenings a week at my local rec center.  Management hasn’t gotten the memo that it’s cooler now and sometimes the air conditioning is still running during yoga class.

Last week, the instructor (Yoli) asked me, “Are you warm enough?”

I laughed and replied, “I’m the last person to ask, I could have a hot flash at any moment and be too warm!”

She looked at me with sympathy, as yoga instructors do, and said, “Be the mountain!  Be the mountain!”

She was referring to a particular pose and the words she says when we do that pose.  “From now on, you are the mountain, strong and firm.  And nothing and no one can make you move.”

It’s great advice for lots of situations, but I haven’t mastered being the mountain as an antidote to hot flashes.

I thought the perimenopausal symptoms would taper off after just about reaching the point of actual menopause.  (Gentlemen, avert your eyes.)  Actual menopause is when you haven’t had a period for a year, and I’m at the eight-month mark.

But the hot flashes, night sweats, water retention, and insomnia continue.  The hot flashes are increasing in frequency and intensity.  There may well be a mind-body connection.  Or at least a stress-related explanation for the increase.  Don’t know.  Doctors are dismissive and unenthusiastic about discussing menopause, so I’m left with my know-it-all pal, Google.

Hell, “Be the mountain” is as good advice as any.

Awww, I hate these hot flashes!!!

Awww, I hate these hot flashes!!! (Photo credit: jinterwas)