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painting supplies

painting supplies (Photo credit: riebschlager)   I bought roughly four times this many painting suppies…or so it seems. 

Escrow closed Friday afternoon on the townhouse my parents purchased for me to rent.  How do you spell awesome?  M-Y-P-A-R-E-N-T-S. 

(Never had much promise as a cheerleader…) 

They bought a lovely townhouse in a safe neighborhood with a good school district so I could rent it from them, which is cheaper than renting at the market rate, let me tell ya.

So escrow closed and we met up at the new place Saturday morning, after I’d spent a small fortune at Home Depot on paint and supplies.  The whole weekend was a bacchanalia of painting.  My mom and I taped everything that wasn’t moving while my dad and kid #1 painted the downstairs ceiling.  On Sunday, we painted the upstairs bedrooms.  This was less fun than you might think (unless you’re drunk or delusional…not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Turns out the master bedroom has curved walls instead of regular corners — a detail I failed to notice before escrow closed.  It’s a huge PITA to paint curved walls.

Also, the ceilings are a lot higher than I realized.  Another PITA.

And the previous owner really loved semi-gloss paint, which is hard impossible to paint over in one coat.  So the coming week will be a repeat of the weekend:  watching paint dry and applying a second coat.

I let go of my control freak tendencies long enough to allow kid #3 to choose this color for her bedroom walls.


Thankfully, her bedroom already has beadboard/wainscoting (whatever that wooden board is called) installed on the bottom half of the walls, so that dark, dark blue is only on the top half.  She loves it and is fired up to paint the second coat.  Me…not so much.  But I don’t have to live in that room, so yay!  Let’s get that second coat done!  Woot!

I may have inhaled too many paint fumes this weekend.  I know for damn sure no one belongs in Home Depot as often as I’ve been recently.  Anybody tackling home improvement projects?  Whatcha got goin’ on?