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240 of 365: I am Lord Voldemort's Eigth Horcrux

240 of 365: I am Lord Voldemort’s Eighth Horcrux (Photo credit: dumbledad)

I got more of Voldemort’s disclosure papers late last week.  Buried deep within was the admission that he lives with his 43 year old, unemployed girlfriend.

Let that sink in.

He told the custody mediator he lived alone in a studio apartment.


He claimed under oath in his interrogatories that he supported no one besides himself, me, and kid #3.


His mother keeps friggin’ calling me saying, “Hi T***, is Voldemort around?”  (My name doesn’t begin with “T.”)

Like I wasn’t aware something was going on.

Keep your fingers crossed that my lawyer eviscerates him at the settlement meeting next week.  Or at sometime in the immediate future.  My lawyer is pretty p.o.’ed at the effed up paperwork, too.

Release the (legal) hounds!