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A tabby cat stretching(Domestic cat, Felis sil...

A tabby cat stretching(Domestic cat, Felis silvestris catus) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)  Looks just like one of my cats, but isn’t because I still can’t find the cord to attach camera to computer.  Sigh.


Clementine is fit as a fiddle.  She hasn’t escaped again, and only had to wear the cone of shame for a week.  Her stitches came out on schedule and the fur is growing back over the shaved patches.  You can’t even tell where the abscess formed.  The vet recently gave her the “all clear” and said she doesn’t have a chronic anal gland condition.  This was very welcome news to me.  (Really.  I didn’t want to deal with whatever came with a “chronic anal gland condition.”)

Anna would be the first contestant sent home on “The Biggest Loser.”  She remains morbidly…chubby, despite changing everything about her food consumption.  She still eats Clementine’s food, hunched guiltily and shooting furtive glances over her shoulder the whole time.  The exercise program we implemented has been fun, but ineffective.  She weighed 13.2 pounds at the vet appointment last month.  Just like last year.  Oh, Anna.

I’m not trying to force Anna into an unrealistic version of feline beauty.  I’m really concerned about her health.  She snores, ya’ll.  I think all that chub is smooshing her lungs when she curls up to sleep.  That can’t be healthy.  Once we’re settled down and the holidays are over, I’m going to brainstorm some new healthy lifestyle changes for Anna.  Suggestions and tips would be appreciated!

Both cats have adjusted to the new abode.  Clementine was nasty for a few days, hissing and growling at Anna, but now she’s cool.  Anna was fine within an hour, but she’s got a truly itty-bitty kitty brain and not much seeps in.

The new litterboxes meet my requirements and are being used appropriately.  ‘Nuff said.

If I ever manage to unearth the Christmas tree, they’ll be all set.  How are your pets handling the holiday frenzy?