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WTJ-Make a Mess - CLEAN it up - pages 98-99 - ...

WTJ-Make a Mess – CLEAN it up – pages 98-99 – Overview (Photo credit: atibens)

No matter what mess you are working through…

 “It’s easy to look at those around you and to feel like they have all the answers and none of the struggle…I can’t tell you how many times throughout this process that I have felt like a total mess. If you are a mess, you are a mess and I wish I had known that there is room and time and space for acceptance and understanding…There is honor in working through the mess and there is resolve that comes to those who remain committed. You don’t have to demolish the house just to replace the plumbing…You just need to find some new pipes…If you are in fact planning on tearing down the whole house and starting anew, I encourage you to let people help you…especially for the pieces that might be too heavy and/or times when you are rightfully just too tired.” – Chase Ryan Joynt