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NYC - Queens - Astoria: Museum of the Moving I...

NYC – Queens – Astoria: Museum of the Moving Image – Star Wars Action Figures (Photo credit: wallyg)  These are older figures that are actually worth some money, unlike the stuff we had in the garage for 15 years.

Remember the Star Wars toys in this post?  And how Voldemort called me from the driveway perplexed that I had put all the bins of unopened figures out with the rest of his stuff for him to pick up?

Yeah, good times.

I spoke to kid #1 recently* and #1 was peeved.  His dad (whom he has spoken to twice and seen once since March 2012) had called him with a business proposition.  The pitch went something like this:

“Hey, how ‘bout you take all these bins of crap I bought 15 years ago, figure out what they’re worth and how to sell them.   You do all the work of selling them, shipping them to the ends of the earth where Star Wars geeks live and are desperate for these things.  Then you can split the money with kid #2.  After all, I bought them for you both.”

Sigh.  When I refused to deal with the “collection,” he went to #1 to unload it.  He’s convinced this stuff is gold (it’s not, I checked), so he wants credit for being the visionary who bought it.  He just doesn’t want to do the work of unloading it.  And apparently, he doesn’t want to store it, either.

Kid #1 doesn’t have the space for all those boxes of toys.  He doesn’t have the time to devote to learning everything there is to know about late-‘90’s era Star Wars toys.  He has no idea which Boba Fett figure has a possibly rare variation.  He doesn’t have the money to buy shipping materials, much less pay for shipping.  He’s a full-time college student, fer cryin’ out loud.

Voldemort hasn’t considered any of this.  He’s only interested in what serves his interests.  In Voldemort’s mind, he’s doing #1 a favor by offering to let him make some money.  Of course, the family fable was that Voldemort would sell all the toys when the two older kids went to college.  Kid #1 started college almost three years ago, and those boxes of toys stayed in the garage rafters, gathering dust.

At least #1 sees through the F.O.G. (fear, obligation, guilt) that his father blows, even as it continues to hurt him that his dad is so clueless and selfish.

*I’ve avoided blogging about kid #1.  After all the drama last winter, he moved out of our family home and into my parents’ house.  He’s been living with his grandparents for almost a year now.