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My friend the realtor called last night to let me know that the buyers for our family home are cancelling the deal.


This didn’t come as a complete surprise to me since they had to submit their financials as part of the offer.  It seemed to me that their monthly payment was going to be enormous.  And that was before property taxes.

Now we sign the cancellation form (by that I mean I printed, signed, then scanned and sent the form to the realtor friend who then scanned and forwarded the form to Voldemort to sign, scan, and email back to her) and put the house back on the Multiple Listing Service.  So, rinse and repeat.

I told my realtor friend not to hold her breath (or the listing!) waiting for Voldemort to figure out how to do this.

I think this may be a good thing, eventually.  It’s just another pain in the neck at a time when my neck already has enough pain thankyouverymuch.

Looking forward to 2014…and an end to legal paperwork.