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Photo credit:  Rolf Sussbrich, wikipedia

Photo credit: Rolf Sussbrich, wikipedia

Driving home from her college classes last week, I got sucked into a conversation with kid #2 about the FAFSA.  There are a number of reasons I can’t blog about that have led to an inability to file for financial aid for her college expenses this year.  In the midst of explaining this, she piped up with:  “I saw on Dad’s Facebook page that his milestone experience in 2012 was taking a trip to Cambridge, England.”

Here’s the tell that I’m majorly pissed-off:  I get very quiet and very rational.  When I’m just annoyed, I yell.  When I’m about to go apocalyptic, I get clenched-teeth quiet.

“Really?” I asked with the tell-tale clenched teeth.  “Is that on his public page?”

Oh yeah, it was.  I got a screen-grab, courtesy of my pissed-off-and-housebound-in-Atlanta aunt (I don’t do Facebook or Twitter.  That’s my line in the technological sand.)

So in 2012, the single worst year of my 50 years of existence, while I was teaching kid #1 to drive (with the ample help of my 70+ year old father), taking kid #2 to therapy for cutting/self-harm, calling 911 to save kid #2’s life after a suicide attempt, frantically running around dealing with #2’s subsequent multiple psychiatric hospitalizations, oh and let’s not forget fending off CPS, their father was gallivanting around Europe?


This is why men get a bad rap.  ‘Cuz some of ya’ll earn it.