This guy and his commenters have had the nail right on the head. It’s a long post (I never reblog so y’know it’s awesome…) and well worth the read. If you’ve felt alone, if your ex ever called you a controlling bitch, this post is for you.

Must Be This Tall To Ride

hand holding If you’re a guy, and you’re married, you’re probably doing it wrong.

You think you’re being nice. But you’re not.

You think you’re doing her a favor. But you’re not.

You think you’re just staying out of her way. But you’re turning yourself into a large obstacle. The one on her path to happiness.

You’re just another nice guy like me. Just another nice guy destroying your marriage without even realizing it.

I spent my entire life being told how nice and wonderful I am. That mostly still happens. That’s why it was always so surprising when my wife got upset with me and acted like I wasn’t wonderful.

But I’m so nice to her!

But I love her more than everyone else!

But I almost always let her have her way!

What’s her freaking problem?

Just another crazy, emotional, hormonal woman!

And I totally get it. I do…

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