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photo credit:  wikipedia

photo credit: wikipedia

As I was getting dressed one recent morning, I looked down and realized I had not one but two holes in my underwear.  How did that happen?  When did that happen?  How long have I been wearing holey underpants?

I need to be a whole lot more mindful, it seems.

I don’t spend a lot of time or money on my undergarments.  It’s not really my thing.  But can we all agree that the low setting of the underwear bar is “no holes”?

It’s taken a few days to get to the store and I’ve been wearing my old undies and bras (sweet heaven, the state of the bras was bad, too) because something’s better than nothing, right?  I finally got a fresh supply and can now get into a car accident without fear of humiliating myself or my mother.

My underwear is once again presentable for Emergency Services Personnel.

Just for fun, here’s what men think women’s stuff costs.  Mostly they’re clueless, but they’re good-natured and at least they recognize their ignorance!