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Two weeks ago, my associate attorney called and emailed me about the draft Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA).  All of a sudden, Mr. Mens Rights Attorney was “hounding” her for the draft.  I found the tone of her communications strange as I’m not holding up the MSA.

She emailed the first draft in February and I had communicated my problems with some of the verbiage (and facts!  It was like she attended a different settlement meeting than I did) within 24 hours of receipt.  I ended up having to make an appointment and go in to her office.  All of this cost hundreds of dollars, and pissed me off.

A month passed and she sent the second draft along with the poke about opposing counsel hounding her.  I printed it out and compared it word for word, all 45 pages, while also checking my notes from our meeting the previous month.  It was tedious, but I got it done and back to her within 12 hours.

She called, again, to confirm receipt and stated there were a few formatting tweaks to be made.  She anticipated sending it to Mr. Mens Rights Attorney in a day or two.

That was two weeks ago.

This morning I got a cc of an email she’d just sent to opposing counsel with the draft MSA attached.  Here I’d thought he had it and expected some response for two weeks, while in fact it still hadn’t been sent.

Okay.  Fine.  So now the clock starts?  Now the refinements and negotiations begin?

The hell with it.  I’ve done my part.  I’ll deal with what comes next when it comes.  It seems like divorce means paying people a whole bunch of money so I can do their work and never really know what’s going on.