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Last year I grew tomatoes for the very first time and ya’ll held my virtual hand through the process, offering solutions for the bug and leaf problems I experienced.

One of the lessons I learned last year was to start the seeds early in order to get tomatoes before August.  Well, I couldn’t find my heirloom seed packets; they seem to have been a casualty in our move.  The local nursery (and Alex-the-friendly-hippie) have disappeared.  I dawdled around and finally ordered some organic cherry tomato and basil seeds online.

While waiting for those to show up, I saw organic heirloom tomato plants for sale at Home Depot during one of my weekly treks.  WTH, I thought and bought one as well as a sturdy tomato cage.  I immediately transplanted it into a large patio pot and fixed up the supports.  This was back in late January and I wasn’t sure how well the plant would do.  Not to rub anyone’s nose in the snow, but our winter in San Diego was extremely mild.  And that little tomato plant has quadrupled in size.

It’s more than four feet tall, has multiple flowers and dozens of small tomatoes.  I’m so excited!

The cherry tomato and basil seeds finally arrived and I got them sowed late last month.  The little seedlings have popped up, so I have high hopes for delicious homegrown tomatoes from May through November.

The rest of my patio garden is filled out with mint, thyme, sage, and a large rosemary bush.  I brought the container cayenne pepper plant from our old house and it’s survived so far.  For decoration, I’ve got a small ficus tree and a large geranium.  My little patio is proving to be perfect for the plants I really like and use.

What are your garden plans?  Have you gotten started yet or is the weather making you wait?