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My paralegal called and since Voldemort has the MSA (Marital Settlement Agreement), Mr. Men’s Rights Attorney agreed to another continuance.  Of course, it was my paralegal who called the judge’s clerk, rescheduled for July 30, and sent the follow-up letter to his attorney.

I’m relieved not to be going to court because we really shouldn’t have to.  All that needs doing is to sign the damn MSA, forward it to the judge, she signs, and it’s finalized.  Not hard.

(And it really shouldn’t be this expensive.)

I’m also pissed that it’s always my side keeping track of court dates and paperwork deadlines.  I suspect that Mr. Men’s Rights is every bit as passive-aggressive as Voldemort.  He’s every bit as flaky, too.

At least I know what to wear if we do have to go to court.  Thank you for that.  Here’s hoping I don’t need to use that information.