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In the Fall, kid #3 starts regular public high school, but for now I still homeschool her through a charter school.  At this stage of the game that means she does three days a week at home and two days a week at the school’s learning center.

One of the classes she’s taking this semester is Humanities.  The class read The Giver by Lois Lowry and did the usual group discussion/dissection.  Then they essentially re-wrote the book into a screenplay and made a movie.

I know!  Cool, right?

Kid #3 wrote a couple of the scenes, but her main contribution was to compose and perform the musical score.


That 13 year old kid composed and performed the musical score.  I’m so proud and excited I can hardly stand it.

The class is down to the editing phase with the movie premiere set for next month.  I’m hoping to convince the teacher to post the movie on YouTube, but some parents are very reluctant to put their kids out on the internet like that.

But if it happens, you know I’ll put up a link.

And if it doesn’t, I’ll no doubt write a blow-by-blow post all about it.  It’ll be like you were there, Walter Cronkite.