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I spend entirely too much time click-clickity-clicking all over the internet. I read a number of blogs, many that have no resemblance to anything in my real life. I just enjoy the author’s style or want to understand someone else’s experience of the world. And then there are the things I stumble upon and wonder how I ever lived without them. Like Persephone Magazine.

It’s an amazing collaboration of at least a dozen women, most with strong feminist views. The tagline for Persephone mag is “Martinis are gin. Ellipses are three dots. There are certain truths in the universe.”


The writers are a great mix of married and single, straight and lesbian, mothers and childless. They’re a cross-section of us. Even when I don’t agree with the opinion presented, I appreciate the author’s intelligence and humor.

A sampling of my fave recent articles:
Thank God For British TV  Great suggestions for your Netflix queue because regular television will bore you into a coma.

Breastfeeding in Public  This one proves we haven’t come very far since I last breastfed an infant more than 10 years ago. Sigh.

The Rock Star Economist  Wonder about all the hubbub surrounding Thomas Piketty? Here ya go. Bonus: writer performs a fun original song about her love for Mr. Piketty.

Standard warning about falling f-bombs. Duck and cover! So now you’ve got something to do this weekend whether you’re hiding from hurricanes or heatwaves or your mother. Enjoy.