My kids are all old enough that I’m no longer fluent in the languages of Disney and Cartoon Network. I haven’t had to sit through any number of headache-inducing animated movies for several years.

So I missed Frozen.

I’ve heard younger kids talking about it. I’ve seen mention of the movie and The Song online, but I didn’t see the movie or care much about it.

Then I took kid #3 to the pediatrician last week. She was freaking out over a weird, itchy rash that moved from her elbows and knees to her calves and shoulders. She’d half convinced herself it was a rare and terminal disease. (Spoiler alert: it isn’t. Probably.*)

But I took her to the doctor to be sure.  We signed in at the front desk and sat down in the waiting room. Like every other pediatrician’s office in the country, there was a television mounted up high on the wall and a video playing. It was Frozen. The other kids in the waiting room were captivated, but I guess it was close to the end and by the time kid #3’s name was called, the credits were rolling.

Kid #3 declined to have me accompany her to the examination room, so I stayed in the waiting room with a bunch of little kids and their smartphone obsessed parents. One little girl was brave enough to ask the receptionist to use the scene select feature on the DVD. Guess what scene she wanted? The Song.

It’s a song called “Let It Go,” sung by the beautiful blonde protagonist, Elsa.** The receptionist must get this particular request multiple times a day because she queued that song up like a professional DJ.

And, ya’ll, it was a little girl flash mob right there in the waiting room.

All four of the under-10 year olds stood up, faced the TV and sang every single word. Loud and proud. They knew every hand gesture, head turn, and step, too. They emoted like crazy.

It was a little awe-inspiring.

The nurse came out to call a patient back to the doctor, but wisely held off until the performance was over.

I’ve had far worse afternoons. I really thought we should’ve tipped our waitress.


*Naturally the doctor didn’t have a clear diagnosis, so kid #3 needs allergy testing for environmental and food allergies. Given that this kid only eats a half dozen foods, please keep a good thought that it’s a pollen or laundry detergent issue, not gluten intolerance.


**Um, it sure seemed like Elsa was underdressed for the weather, right?