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Because I can only stand so much of my own divorce, here are a few things that I love and that make me happy:

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My Laptop

I bought myself a laptop last Fall when it became clear that sharing a computer with kid #3 was no longer an option. It was one of my top five best decisions last year. I can cart it around the house; blog from my bed; practice touch typing with a wired keyboard at the kitchen table; and follow online recipes while I cook. Love.

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White Tea

When the Keurig coffeemaker went on to its final glory, I dusted off my French press. A few weeks later I realized that I doctored my coffee with so much creamer, sweetener, flavored syrup, and whipped cream that it bore absolutely no resemblance to a cup of coffee. In fact, I didn’t really like the taste of unadulterated coffee. Huh.

And the caffeine was doing my menopause-induced sleep problems no good at all. I started drinking tea in the morning, which I liked better, and stumbled onto white tea, which is much better. It’s got far less caffeine and a lovely, light flavor. Win.

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Crio Bru

Another lovely morning drink, but with no caffeine. It’s made from roasted cocoa beans (hello, dark chocolate) and claims to have a bunch of health benefits. I brew it in the French press and drink it with some coconut milk and sweetener. It tastes like hot cocoa, but has the consistency of tea or coffee. Yum.


My Kindle

I resisted the eReader bandwagon for years. For our final wedding anniversary, Voldemort gave me a Kindle, which I thought was kinda weird given my oft-stated dislike of them. Then I discovered the vast world of free ebooks. And the sublime wonder of carrying around several hundred books on a device that weighs maybe six ounces and fits in my purse. I love it. (And it turned out, my kids came up with the idea when Voldemort asked them, “What should I get Mom for a present?”)

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The Public Library

As much as I love my Kindle, I still read actual, physical books. My budget doesn’t allow any room for new release hardback books, but I still want to read them. The recession must be over because my local library has really stepped up its purchase of new releases. Hallelujah. And I can even borrow ebooks for my Kindle, so hot damn!

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davidji’s Meditations

I meditate every morning and davidji’s guided meditations are my favorites. His voice is amazing; I feel calm, relaxed, and safe. His lessons are accessible and down to earth. I never feel inferior or like I’m failing meditation. He offers completely free meditations on his website.

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Summer Fruit

It’s June and that means peach season at last! I could eat peaches for every meal all summer long. My kids make fun of how many boxes of peaches I go through. Last year they kept track and I consumed 40 pounds…just me, no one else around here eats them. Which is great ‘cuz they’re all mine!  Plus there are cherries, plums, and nectarines.  All delicious.


This Song


What things make you happy or make things a little better in your life? What are a few of your favorite things?