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Kid #3 turned 14 last month. I know! I can hardly believe it either. She starts high school at the end of this month, too.

I didn’t want her to go to high school without a cell phone, mostly because I have nightmares of her stuck in the middle of a SWAT action with no way to get hold of me. (Not really sure what I could do in a SWAT action, but the upshot is the kid needed a cell phone…just in case.)

My friend, Google, really came through for me on this. I found a no-contract service provider* that charges based on actual usage instead of guessing what her needs might be any given month (and probably overpaying, which just pisses me off).

So I bought her a smartphone for her birthday.

At first, she was supremely unimpressed and indifferent.

That lasted about two hours.

Over her birthday weekend, she sent and received more than 100 texts. As of this writing, she’s up to 1,156 texts. And we’ve still got a week left in the billing period.

I may have created a monster.


*Because of the cookies and other stuff I don’t understand how to change, this is an affiliate link. If you click through it and end up signing up, you’ll get a $25 credit and so will I. If you want to avoid that, just google “ting.com.”  I can wholeheartedly recommend their customer service — they’re awesome.  And you can’t beat the price…but if you do, please tell me!