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I’m constantly amazed and surprised by people. Today I went to the pharmacy to pick up the monthly prescriptions for one of my kids. You can’t even believe how I had to fight Voldemort to keep all three kids on his gold-plated, employer-provided health insurance. Seriously, what father would leave his kids without health insurance?

I breezed into the pharmacy drive-up and was completely horrified when the staff member told me, “The insurance company declined coverage.”


There’s been no change in insurance to my knowledge.

One of the prescriptions costs $800+ per month without insurance.

I don’t have a paying job and there’s no way that spousal support will cover rent and that one medication.

Holy shit.

The pharmacy staffer was incredibly nice and said she’d call the insurance company right away to find out what was going on. I had to disclose extremely private information about my kid in the friggin’ drive-through — thinking it might make a difference (it didn’t).

She said it would take about 15 minutes, so I ran another errand, and then went back to find the mess was still a mess. Came home and called the insurance plan administrator.

Here’s where things got great: there are two local people administering the benefits for Voldemort’s health insurance locally. (Guess how I know?!?) And the one I speak to most often is 51 and recently separated from her manipulative, narcissistic husband (again, guess how I know).

This woman could not have been kinder, more efficient and helpful, or truly compassionate. She remembered me from my call last month and got this mess cleaned up in 10 minutes.

I tend to go in loaded for bear with stuff about my kids. I have a Rambo attitude and that’s not always a great way to get things worked out. In this situation, I’m completely at the mercy of the insurance company. My kid absolutely needs the medications, which I cannot pay for without insurance. Fortunately, the plan administrator is awesome. She and I have bonded. She totally had my kid’s back.

People can be amazing sometimes, when given the chance. And I returned the favor by pointing her toward ChumpLady.