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Unless I embarrass my kid…


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Glossing over the incredibly boring details, I got a call last week from the Upper Division Transfer admissions officer at San Diego State University about my application for Fall 2015. The bad news is I cannot be admitted unless I’ve completed all my general education math coursework. (Friggin’ algebra!)

And that’s not going to happen before the fall semester begins, so it’s a non-starter. She talked to me about SDSU’s Open University program, which was always my Plan B, and dropped a bombshell. In order for the graduation evaluation I just got done in October to remain valid I must enroll in a class for the Spring semester, which began yesterday.

Of course to enroll I’d have to crash a class, although finding a class that fit the very narrow confines of what’s left for me to complete was the first hurdle. At this point it’s not even remotely about what I might like or be interested in, it’s all about what class is offered, with open seats, and ticks a box I need without conflicting with the damn math class schedule.

Found one, hallelujah! I went to war in the parking garages at SDSU this morning and finally found a parking space and then the correct building plus classroom. Seriously, it’s crazy hard to return to SDSU after 30 years, nothing is remotely familiar.

Guess who was already seated and waiting for class to start? Kid #1!

The professor thinks it’s an incredible opportunity for us to be in the same class and kid #1 seems fine with it, so I’m in.

It’s African Literature, which I have no experience with. I’m just glad it’s not Dead White Guy literature. I’m sick of them. Based on the syllabus, it looks to be the perfect class to get back into the swing of things with, especially since I’m also taking Intermediate Algebra at the nearby community college.

Things are going to get interesting. And to anyone who knows kid #1 in real life: y’all, we need to cut this kid some slack. SDSU is crowded and confusing and crazy. He’s doing an awesome job with his schoolwork and that’s enough for now.

Wish me luck!