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Gah, August was a nightmare I’m hoping to wake up from in September.

Kid #1 totaled his car. It truly was an accident, but the car’s gone. He needs a replacement; I wonder if Voldemort has a spare lying around?

Kid #2 had emergency surgery to remove her gall bladder, then developed an infection (hospital-induced, I think) requiring more treatment.

Kid #3 has had ongoing school schedule issues, with three different World History teachers and (hooray!) a new math teacher.  She has to keep going to the office to get her schedule printed because she’s not sure where she’s supposed to be at any given point in the day.

I’m glad to see the end of this August.

I started the month with jury duty.  I’ve done a lot of jury duty, but this one took the cake.  I’m still trying to write a post about it wherein I don’t come off as a foaming at the mouth nutjob.  It may be impossible.

My classes started last week, kicking off the (God willing) last year of college for me. Unfortunately, I’m taking two required courses: Statistics and The Writing of Criticism. Not gonna lie, I wouldn’t have chosen either of these classes.

I signed up for Statistics instead of another round of Algebra because a) it takes care of my general education math requirement, and b) I was told Statistics is all word problems. I’m a word problem savant, so I figured I could do fairly well with only moderate struggle.

We’ll see. There’s a whole lot of terminology and calculations, and we’ve already had two quizzes. Sigh.

English 508W is simply required of all English majors at SDSU. The class and textbooks sound utterly pinky-pointed-up-on-a-teacup pretentious to me. The first section is “literary theory,” which includes Marxist, feminist/gender, psychoanalytical, and postcolonial theory. Dear heaven. Fortunately, the text is written by Terry Eagleton and he seems to be a smart-ass. Fingers crossed.

Mixed in with the literary theory is grammar, and I love grammar. I’m hoping to rack up some points on the grammar quizzes in anticipation of a lower score on the 10 friggin’ page research paper due in December.

Upside: August is over. And, hey, long weekend!